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Our Empowering Tech-enabled Home Care Services

Living independently at home for longer in later life

Your positive, future-proof step into living well at home for longer in later life

Our proactive tech-enabled care services focus on wellbeing, fall prevention and round-the-clock connectivity. That means you and your loved ones can worry less and enjoy life more.

They’re ideal when you’d like a bit of backup but don’t need care. Or as a flexible, cost-effective complement to our in-person home care services. You can choose what you need, or we can tailor and personalise a package together.

Discover a positive future with our easy-to-live-with tech-enabled care services:


Alarms and pendants.
24/7 motion sensor system that offers life-at-home-enhancing technology that won’t get in the way but is there for you and your loved ones


An unobtrusive 24/7 motion sensor system that offers life-at-home enhancing technology that won’t get in the way, but is there for you and your loved ones whenever it’s needed


An accessible home care service that combines tech-enabled Care with focused in-person support to provide a flexible and affordable wrap-around care solution

Our Knowledge is All Part of Our Service

Guardian Angel Carers has long championed the empowering opportunity care tech provides. Today, we’re integral to shaping the future of Home Care in partnership with the UK’s TEC Action Alliance to improve and elevate care outcomes for all – not to replace the connection and power of Human Care but to support it.

But we understand that the technological options can seem endless and hard to choose from. That’s why we always trial and test everything, so you don’t have to. And why we believe in finding and fitting the right solution to suit your needs. Our knowledge is all part of our service, with a dedicated care-tech team offering support, advice and tips whenever needed.

The Value of Advanced Technology in Home Care

Home care services are a great way to support your individual care needs, whether that’s extra support, practical assistance, or companionship while remaining safe and independent in your own home.

However, there are scenarios where you or your loved one may not require continual care or would prefer visiting care perhaps once or twice a week – giving you control over your schedule, routine, and the areas of your life you’d like help with.

That’s when you might want to consider introducing tech-enabled home care services to help.

Choosing the right tech-enabled care solution for you depends entirely on your priorities, whether or not you’re currently receiving professional care, and how you’d like to supplement or increase that support.

Home care technology is ideal for scenarios where you’d like a level of reassurance but have limited practical care needs and wish to retain as much independence as possible.

Peace of Mind for Families, Caregivers and Loved Ones

Families have long looked for solutions that give them the ability to be made aware at any point, day or night, when a loved one may have potentially slipped, forgotten to take a prescribed medication or be at risk without intruding on their privacy or installing any monitoring equipment that looks or feels invasive.

Advances in home care tech are now making it easier to improve personal safety, provide peace of mind for families, and introduce around-the-clock solutions that can alert carers and family caregivers if anything seems untoward or concerning.

It’s also easy to install, discreet and designed with privacy protection in mind so that you and your loved ones can feel relaxed and comfortable that you have the backup you need.

Outcomes of Introducing Care at Home Tech

The right technological solutions, often combined with high-quality care and personalised care planning, can support you in staying independent at home for longer.

Benefits include:

  • Intelligent sensors and monitors that can flag any cause for concern to your preferred parties, whether that’s a care professional, your local care management team or a loved one.
  • Secure signal transmissions that indicate your normal routines are being maintained without the need for Wi-Fi or complex installations.
  • The confidence you need to live independently or return home from the hospital, knowing help is on hand should it ever be needed.
  • Superb cost-efficiencies for families looking for alternatives to formal care packages or to supplement the care organised for a loved one.

Personal safety and peace of mind are at the heart of home care tech. It consistently indicates your wellbeing status and can identify changes in your activities of daily living that could indicate a health or wellbeing matter that may require attention.

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