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Care in the comfort of your own home in farnham, farnborough, fleet and beyond

Guardian Angel Carers Farnham

Tim Corry and Alex Duncan lead our friendly home care team. We’re all proud to be by the side of our Farnham community. That’s all the towns and villages between Farnham, Farnborough and Fleet, all the way to Churt and its surroundings.

Alex and Tim both served as Officer pilots in the RAF, flying from RAF Odiham. Therefore, they understand the importance of putting people first and valuing the local community.

Our Values


A warm-heartedness and concern for the wellbeing of others.


We embrace efficiency through technology to deliver the highest quality care.


Real people who engage in a human way.


We keep our promises and do what we say.


We keep our promises and do what we say.


We continuously strive to do things better to support our clients and our people.

Our Team

Tracy Clarke

Recruitment & HR Manager

Michael Holland

Financial Controller

Amanda Wallington

Live-in Care Manager

Lowri Green

Live In Manager

Susan Lee

Finance Assistant

Andrew Benson

Finance Supervisor

Kayleigh Rose

Recruitment Administror

Nicki Edwards

Sales Manager

Natasha Beeney

Compliance Process Officer

Louise Gall

Training Manager

Vikki Craig-Vickers

Head of Business Development

Christina Handasyde Dick

Chief Executive Officer

Tim Corry, Business Owner & Registered Manager

Tim Corry is passionate about helping the community. He feels privileged doing it here in Farnham, where he lives with his wife Beth, and two children.

He served over 12 years in the Royal Air Force, where he was an Officer and Chinook pilot. During his tenure, he learnt a great deal about determination and the tenacity to succeed. His service in the RAF took him around the world, including multiple operational tours. This, together with his experiences teaching in South America after University embedded his strong sense of community. When he finished in the RAF, he took the natural career path to become a commercial airline pilot.

Tim came to home care during the pandemic through re-engaging as a volunteer in the local community. He reassessed his career and realised that what he lives for and what motivates him is providing service. It’s why he and Alex took the step to become franchise co-owners of the Guardian Angel Carers Farnham branch.

He also reflected on his elderly relatives’ care. This includes his grandfather, who was fiercely independent and able to remain in his own home until he was 96. It highlighted how well-being and quality of life are so important. Consequently, he wanted to support other people to maintain this.

Tim is versatile, determined and organised – bringing both empathy and consideration to all he does. He uses all his skills to make a positive difference in people’s lives.

Alex Duncan, Business Owner

Alex has lived and worked near Farnham for 17 years. He loves it here with his wife Alison, his two boys and their three dogs. He enjoys kickboxing, playing football with his sons, walking the dogs in the countryside and tinkering with cars.

He served in the Royal Air Force for 18 years, predominantly from RAF Odiham. During his service Alex was deployed multiple times to Iraq and Afghanistan on operational tours. He’s proud of the Distinguished Flying Cross and the Air Force Cross for leadership in the air which he earned.

Leadership is something that Alex has gained recognition for, commanding a Squadron during his time in the RAF. Likewise, he now inspires his Farnham home care team and serves the community. His ethos and communication skills alongside rapid decision-making skills, excellent sense of prioritisation are beneficial in his current role.

A people person, Alex strongly believes in a client-centred approach to home care. He sees this as key to a fulfilling, and happy life with care. Alex also sees that families can’t care for loved ones as much as they want in today’s busy world and society. To help, he views technology as a solution. Firstly, it’s an enabler for safety and efficiency. In addition, it’s a way to improve the family links, ensuring families are remotely involved in loved ones’ care.

Alex’s strong sense of community is clear. As co-owner of the Guardian Angel Carers Farnham branch, he gives back and serves at the community’s side.

Our Home Care Services in Farnham

Receive the support you need

Share with us exactly what you need from our home care services. From some help around the house to guidance on independent-living to full-time live-in care, we want to help. Our Guardian Angel Carers can be by your side every step of the way, offering friendly, family-feel, skilled home care. The scope of Farnham home care services include:

  • Companionship and domestic support
  • Personal care and medication
  • Social interactions and days out
  • Freshly cooked meals
  • Shopping
  • Housekeeping and daily domestic tasks
  • Technological solutions
  • Visiting care
  • Overnight care

Want to find out more? Visit our branch in Crondall in person, or call us. Friendly team members will provide information and explain how our services can benefit you and your family. We’ll meet up to discuss your unique, custom care plan.

Home Care

Guardian Angel Carers is by your side whenever, and whatever, home care services you need.

Specialist Care

There are a wide range of conditions for which you may be requiring care at home.

Choosing the Right Surrey Home Care Provider

Guardian Angel Carers is built on a strong foundation of people-first values, run by local teams of care specialists. Our live in home care and visiting home care CareAngels are always committed to advocating for you or your loved one’s needs and preferences, whether you’d like a cosy chat over dinner, a little peace and relaxation, or family support as and when required.

Live in care and visiting home care is unique to every person and can involve a regular routine, nutritious food preparation, and help with gardening, hobbies and attending social occasions.

Our focus on family-feel care means that every home carer takes the time to get to know you or your relative, discuss the tasks they should assist with, and understand the areas of personal care that matter most. You are assured of truly one to one support from a team that is proud to provide care in Farnham to exceptional standards.

Skilled Live In Care Farnham

We recognise the importance of securing kind, professional and considerate elderly care to support you or your loved one, ensuring everybody can remain comfortable and relaxed in their own homes.

The Guardian Angel Carers team are hand-picked for their skills, character, and nature, taking the time to talk, listen, and combine care services with companionship and respect, often discovering firm friends in their ongoing domiciliary care positions.

Our local Farnham live in carers provide bespoke care based on the needs of you or your loved one, which can include:


We match every live in care provider carefully to implement 24-hour support from regular home care professionals on rotation for continuity. This ensures you know, trust, and can rely on your care team to be there for you whenever you need us.

Contact our Farnham team to see how we can help!