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Mid-Sussex Live-in Care Support

Get the Life You Deserve with Live-in Care

The vast majority of people prefer to stay in the comfort and familiarity of their homes when they become older, experience frailty or mobility restrictions, or need extra help managing their health and well-being.

Live-in care is a private, tailored service that makes this possible, providing dedicated, compassionate care based on the wishes, independence and requirements of the individual, couple or family.

Guardian Angel Carers in Mid-Sussex takes great care to select a CareAngel who is a good match for your needs and preferences and can offer the help you need while respecting your right to autonomy and control over the aspects of your routine you would like help with.

Live-in Care in Your Own Home

Always at your side

Having a live-in carer provides the certainty that you can continue to enjoy your favourite hobbies, attend social occasions, cook your own meals should you wish, and decide how you plan each day. Your CareAngel will take over only those tasks you want them to while providing companionship and a friendly, familiar face.

For many families, the peace of mind this service gives them is invaluable while also commonly being less disruptive than relocating to a permanent residential care facility and based on one-to-one support and interactions to build long-term relationships.

Personalised Live-in Care Planning

A live-in care plan sets out all the guidelines your live-in carer will follow – and all involved family members, the individual receiving care, or a couple living together are encouraged to contribute and stipulate their wishes and requirements.

These comprehensive plans define how your carer offers support and how you allocate personal time and space when you would prefer to be alone or enjoy the company of your family.

Examples of daily care planning might include:

  • Whether you would like your carer to prepare all or some of your daily meals, or whether you want to cook yourself – and if you require help with shopping, cooking and cleaning.
  • How you wish to spend your time, creating a schedule and routine you feel happy with.
  • Any essentials, such as making sure you never miss your favourite show, attending a social gathering on a certain day, and logging medication reminders.

No detail is too small to include, and the Guardian Angel Carers team is happy to accommodate any requests.

Help with personal and practical tasks:

Wake-Up Routines

In the morning, your carer will offer assistance as you wish, from preparing breakfast, helping with personal care such as dressing, bringing you a warm cup of tea and any medications, and taking care of tasks around the home such as changing your bedding or tidying.

Daytime Live-in Care

Your live-in carer is on hand throughout the day to provide company, help with getting out and about, cook a tasty lunch, support you while you enjoy gardening, crafts, movies or any other activities, and be available to ensure you live your life as you wish.

Evening Care Support

When the evening comes, your live-in carer remains just as flexible and will respect your preferences and routine, be that a soothing bath, a quiet period with a good book, or a cosy evening by the fire. Throughout the night, your carer is there should you need them – but will always respect your privacy if you don’t.

Professional Live-in Care Throughout Mid Sussex

All the CareAngels working in our Mid Sussex team are qualified, capable and positive, and follow your schedule and structure to ensure your day-to-day life is made better with their assistance – without any need to change your routine or to feel obligated to make adjustments.

We provide a wide range of specialist live-in care services, including respite care to ensure family caregivers have a break, short and long-term live-in care, palliative care and home-from-hospital live-in care support.

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3. Care begins

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