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Guardian Angel Carers, part of the multi-award-winning national home care group, is proud to uphold the highest home care standards. We allocate carers with the best possible skills, experience, and knowledge to each specialist home care recipient here in Mid Sussex. Our home care team is based in Burgess Hill, and we work throughout the region, from Haywards Heath to East Grinstead and all the areas in between.

Living independently is often a strong preference for older adults and those living alone or who have been diagnosed with ongoing or life-limiting conditions. Specialist home care makes that possible, ensuring you have practical, emotional, and medication support on hand when you need it most.

Specialist Mid Sussex Home Care Services

Mobility & Frailty

While frailty and limited mobility are often associated with age, they can also be linked to medical conditions and disabilities. At-home care ensures you have personal assistance and customised support so that you can stay in familiar surroundings.

Stroke Rehabilitation

Many people need ongoing speech therapies and physiotherapy after a stroke, helping to regain motor functions and movements. Qualified carers can assist with various tasks, including appointments, domestic chores and medications throughout your recovery.


Assistance at home can help manage the symptoms of Parkinson’s, whether you would benefit from cooking and personal care, require medication support to address tremors and stiff muscles, or want a friendly, warm carer to keep you company.

Cancer Care

Trained cancer carers can help at any stage, whether you are struggling with chores during treatment, need ongoing help to remain comfy at home, or would like practical assistance and pet care to ensure you can continue your routine.

Diabetes Care

Diabetes management can prevent a number of symptoms and risks, with a carer on hand to help with medications, activities, blood sugar testing, shopping and preparing healthy meals to protect you from a diabetic crisis.

Palliative Care

Palliative care is designed for people and families living with incurable or progressive diseases. It can also act as a form of respite care, creating personalised, respectful care plans to offer the right support, comfort and pain management over time.

Dementia & Alzheimers

Routine, familiarity and continuity are key to preventing dementia or Alzheimer’s from progressing faster than these conditions otherwise might. Warm, dedicated carers can offer medication management, nutrition support and friendship while keeping the care recipient safe and well.

Home from Hospital

Whatever the reason for a hospital stay, heading home can be daunting – and you may need to show you have care support in place to be discharged. Home from hospital care is structured entirely according to your needs.

Respite Care

Respite care offers family caregivers a chance to rest, take a holiday or recover from an illness, with an experienced home carer who will take over the same routines and chores, protecting the welfare and comfort of the care recipient.

Acquired Brain Injury

Brain injuries caused by illness or accident can have long-term impacts. A specialist home carer ensures that you or your loved one has support, encouragement, help to recuperate, and practical assistance around the home and with personal care.

Joint Replacement

Needing help with mobility and activities after a joint replacement is normal. Home care support ensures you can navigate your home safely, have the right aids and equipment in place, and follow rehabilitation exercises correctly to support a full recovery.

Multiple Sclerosis

Home carers with MS experience can step in at any stage, including providing bespoke at-home support for those with more advanced symptoms or whose family members are unable to continue providing the level of emotional and practical help they require.

Why Guardian Angel Carers Mid Sussex?

Specialist Mid Sussex Home Care Adapted to Your Needs

The Mid Sussex Guardian Angel Carers team includes care specialists from across the field. We can adjust the type, nature, and care format to your wishes or advise you on the best care schedule to meet your requirements.

Advanced Technological Care Planning and Management

Cutting-edge digital care plans, medication logging and record-keeping help us uphold our exacting standards, with instant notifications about changes or clear notes shared between care visits to convey important information.

Full Ranges of At-Home Care From a Local Team

As a regulated and well-established specialist care team, we can support individuals and families across Burgess Hill and Haywards Heath of all ages and with all conditions, ranging from  live in care, home-from-hospital care to long-term palliative and respite care support.

Customised Home Care for Every Recipient

There is no pre-set structure of care that is right for every person. Bespoke care plans mean we listen to your needs, determine the skills and expertise your carer must have, and ensure you are comfortable with the arrangements made.

Clear Communications and Regular Updates

Dialogues and information sharing are essential to ensure loved ones are always up to date with their relative’s health and well-being. We liaise with families, healthcare professionals, and other organisations to create in-depth, transparent care plans.

Sensitive, Respectful At-Home Care

Guardian Angel Carers is committed to delivering home care with dignity and compassion, treating every care recipient as a member of our family, and ensuring their independence and wishes are respected at all times.

Protecting the Right of All Clients to Remain Safe at Home

We recognise that staying at home is often ideal, and transitioning to a care or nursing facility or hospice can be disruptive. Our care is adapted to ensure you have the right to choose, whatever the condition or need.

Varied Visiting, Overnight and Live-in Care Support

Families often find that care needs to progress at the same pace as the care recipient’s cognition or health. We offer a complete range of care support, from regular visits to overnight care and ongoing live-in care support as required.

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3. Care begins

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