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Specialist Care

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The specialist care team at Guardian Angel Carers Guildford works with families and individuals throughout the local area, supporting people who may be experiencing mobility limitations due to their age or health, have been diagnosed with progressive or life-limiting conditions, or need extra support to remain safe, independent and happy in the comfort of their homes.

As a regulated, experienced home care service, we uphold the highest standards of care and are proud to be part of the award-winning nationwide home care group. Our specialist care services are fully adapted to your needs, preferences and wishes, from visiting care to overnight and live in support, based on the types of care you would most benefit from.

Specialist Guildford Home Care Services

Mobility & Frailty

Frailty can impact a whole host of everyday tasks, while limited mobility can make it difficult to leave home without support. Our friendly carers can help with chores or trips, protecting your mental and physical well-being.

Stroke Rehabilitation

One-on-one support following a stroke can be hugely valuable during rehabilitation, speech and therapy exercises, or simply ensuring you feel confident returning home. A specialist stroke rehabilitation carer will tailor their support to your specific needs.


Home carers with experience supporting people with Parkinson’s can help at all stages, whether providing companionship and mobility support, offering ongoing or overnight care or delivering long-term palliative care to ensure you remain safe and well.

Cancer Care

Specialist cancer care at home ensures you have practical and emotional help during treatments. You can relax with the assurance that personal care, help around the home, and a listening ear are always on hand while you focus on your health.

Diabetes Care

Managing diabetes can be time-intensive, and trained carers can assist with numerous areas, including medication reminders, blood sugar testing, domiciliary and personal care support, and helping you travel to and from appointments and checkups.

Palliative Care

At-home palliative care is intended to support the quality of life for people living with incurable conditions. It can be structured as ongoing support or tailored end-of-life care, providing pain relief, comfort, companionship, or help for family caregivers.

Dementia & Alzheimers

Sensitive care for those with dementia and Alzheimer’s can make a world of difference. It offers continuity and familiarity and maintains routines and social activities that encourage confidence and calm. Carers can also assist with meal preparation and medication reminders.

Home from Hospital

Returning home from a stay in the hospital is often challenging, and a home carer will ensure you can be discharged without delay, with all the support you need to recuperate, helping with chores, pain relief, mobility and rehabilitation.

Respite Care

Specialist respite care provides customised support for family caregivers. It can be a short-term service while caregivers take a break or recover from an illness, or form part of an ongoing care plan to cover any gaps in care capacity.

Acquired Brain Injury

Brain injuries can have a significant impact on speech, mobility, cognition and motor skills – making respectful home support key to making as full a recovery as possible without any need to remain in a clinical facility for longer than necessary.

Joint Replacement

Most people need practical and emotional support for at least two weeks following a joint replacement, sometimes much longer. Carers can help with bathing, getting out and about, preparing meals, and handling chores while you recover.

Multiple Sclerosis

Qualified home carers specialising in MS can assist with varied areas, helping you settle down for a relaxed night of sleep, offering support on days when symptoms are challenging, or being there as backup when you require extra help.

Why Guardian Angel Carers?

Tailored Care Planning for Guildford Care Recipients

We recognise that every individual is different and create bespoke care plans based entirely on your wishes and care needs – adapting our support to you, and ensuring you have autonomy over the care you receive.

Complimentary Care Needs Assessments

Our local care manager can organise an obligation-free care needs assessment to determine the most suitable level of support and help you make informed decisions about the right at-home specialist care for you or your loved one.

Custom Advice From an Experienced Home Care Team

Guardian Angel Carers bring decades of expertise to Guildford local community and are always on hand to offer reassurances, answer questions, offer input when determining the best structure of care, or walk you through the options.

High-Quality Specialist Home Care for Complex Conditions

Qualified, experienced carers can help with many health conditions, age-related concerns or situations where living at home is only possible with support and assistance. We adjust our support alongside any changes to your well-being, needs or preferences.

Adjustable and Life-Long Specialist Care Support

For many care recipients, progressive care that evolves at the same pace as their well-being is key. We regularly update care planning and can increase or decrease the assistance you receive or transition from live in care, visiting to overnight care.

Care Continuity From Hand-Selected CareAngels

Our Guildford CareAngels are recruited for their compassion and shared values of respect and sensitivity. We endeavour to provide the same carer for each care recipient, ensuring you are familiar with any carers who come to your home.

Locally Managed and Delivered Specialist Care Services

Being a locally owned and managed team means there is always someone on hand to consult in-person. We can offer to meet in our offices or arrange a care needs assessment for you or your loved one at home.

Condition-Specific Care Knowledge

Each specialist care service is designed to meet the exact needs of any person living with a condition, recovering from surgery or returning home from hospital. We allocate carers with expertise to ensure they are the right fit for you.

Three easy steps to Guardian Angels Care

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2. Free Assessment

We will work out the type and amount of help or care that is required. A dedicated care manager will visit you at home or hospital for a free no obligation initial assessment.

3. Care begins

Once help or care is in place we will continually monitor and review this situation to make sure you are receiving the care you need.


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