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Race Equality Week: 5th – 11th February 2024

GreenPark, in cooperation with The Collaboratory, launched an initiative named Race Equality Matters in 2020. The objective was to address the pace in combating racial inequality, which had been progressing slowly.

The trigger for this initiative was the tragic murder of George Floyd and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Every year in February, Race Equality Week takes place in the UK. The dates for 2024 are 5th – 11th February. This event unites various organisations and individuals to actively address and remove racial inequality barriers in the workplace.

For the year 2024, the Race Equality Matters Community (REM) has selected the theme, #ListenActChange. This theme underscores the importance of taking action and creating impact rather than just voicing support. However, it’s startling to note that only one-fourth of the REM community believes that their organisations genuinely concentrate on these crucial aspects. Furthermore, less than 25% of allies are seen as genuinely contributing to the fight against racial inequality. Although 44% of respondents trust that their senior leaders are dedicated to this cause, only 21% perceive their efforts as impactful.

Building upon the 2023 theme, #ItsEveryonesBusiness, the 2024 theme #ListenActChange, intends to inspire everyone to take action. If all sections of an organisation commit to #ListenActChange, we could see real and significant change.

Race Equality Matters offers many solutions and resources for organisations and welcomes you to join the growing REM community.

Remember, the sooner we act, the faster we can turn change into reality!

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