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Halloween Safe and Enjoyable For Those More Vulnerable

Halloween Safety Tips for Older People

Halloween is a fantastic time for children and adults alike, they are excited to get into fancy dress, have parties and often go ‘trick or treating’. Hallow’s eve also marks the season change to Autumn, with the clocks going back, we gain lighter mornings and cozy evenings. Its a time for wrapping up warm and enjoying comforting evenings, with a hearty stew and a sneaky hot chocolate.

Please remember that some older people can find Halloween to be a challenging time. The unexpected visitors, costumes, shouting outside and darker evenings can be distressing for those living alone, and can be a trigger for those living with dementia. For older people with mobility issues, having to keep getting up and answering the door, may increase their risk of a fall.

Tips for ensuring your loved one is comfortable

Guardian Angel Carers have put together a few tips to help ensure Halloween is as much of a positive experience as possible, for all. These suggestions may help you, your family and our clients enjoy the 31st of October a little more .

  • Only place decorations or a pumpkin outside if you wish for halloween visitors to knock.
  • Keep the doorways and floors clear, so there is a clear path to reach the door safely.
  • You may wish to turn off outdoor lighting and draw the curtains, to encourage ‘trick or treat’ visitors to walk past.
  • Perhaps ask someone to visit your loved when in the eve of Halloween.
  • Use a peep hole, door chain or video doorbell to see who is at the door before opening it properly. Let loved ones know they should never feel pressured to answer the door.

For those going trick or treating

For those planning to go trick or treating, please also do your part to protect the more vulnerable in your community.

  • Avoid houses without decorations.
  • Only knock or ring the doorbell once.
  • Keep noise to a minimum after dark.