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Peace of Mind Live-in Care Chichester

Live in care provides individuals, families and loved ones with a great deal of reassurance, organising a defined routine of care to deliver assistance, support and companionship for people who wish to remain living at home and yet need capable help to do so safely.

We hand-select CareAngels to match the needs of each Chichester live-in care client, supported by a personalised care plan to set out how best we can maintain your routine and preferences.

Private, Bespoke Live-in Care

Unique Chichester Care at Home

Every Chichester live-in care arrangement is unique – there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Our local CareAngels provide exactly the care you need, depending on the areas of your routine you would like help with and which tasks or activities you would like to complete independently.

A live-in carer is there to offer support in your Chichester home, with many clients forming long-lasting relationships with their assigned care team, ensuring you have a friendly face to provide assistance as and when needed and can establish a good schedule and understanding of your wishes. Live-in care is often a cost-effective solution, with significantly less disruption than other options, such as relocating into a full-time residential care facility.

Creating Your Tailored Live-in Care Plan

Guardian Angel Carers appreciate that many families need guidance to understand how live-in care may work and how it upholds boundaries while allocating the resources necessary for a carer to live within your home.

We encourage every client to discuss their likes, dislikes and need for personal space to help us adapt your care plan accordingly, where you might wish to:

  • Decide whether you would like to eat alone, with a partner or family member, or with your carer.
  • Choose when you will have time alone or when you would prefer companionship and a friendly chat while you catch up on your favourite show.
  • Advise on what support you would like, during which aspects of your day, and where you value your independence.

Our CareAngels can cater to any and all requirements, with respect for the individual at the heart of our values-based care service.

Help with personal and practical tasks:

Morning routine

Your live-in carer will be there to support as you need, including but not limited to:

  • Waking you up with your favourite cup of tea
  • Supporting you with your personal care needs
  • Preparing your breakfast and medication
  • General morning tasks such as ironing, vacuuming or changing bedding

We help you get ready to start your day!

During the day

Your live-in carer can prepare all your meals or simply assist making them if you enjoy cooking. Do you like to watch your favourite TV show, tend to your garden, enjoy a shopping trip or catch a show at the theatre?

Your live-in carer can assist you in living your life the way you want to.

Night time

Whatever your night-time routine, your CareAngel can support you according to your wishes. Would you like them to bring you your nightly hot chocolate whilst you unwind with a good book? Or perhaps prepare a relaxing bath before bed? No matter your needs and requirements, it’s possible.

When you’re ready for bed, you can rest easy knowing that your live-in carer is nearby in your spare room.

Respectful Live-in Care Services for Chichester Clients

The primary objective of live-in care is to ensure you can remain independent at home, with the practical, domiciliary and companionship care necessary to feel you can relax and rest assured that a qualified carer is always on hand.

Whether you’d like light-touch care to help with mobility needs or require more attentive care to assist with complex needs or conditions, our Outstanding rated team can help. Live-in care services available in Chichester include respite and short-term care, sensitive palliative care, convalescence care following a hospital stay, long-term care and couples live-in care.

We can support with the following types of live in care Chichester

  • Convalescence care – recuperation post operation
  • Respite care – providing a break for a family carer
  • Short term – on holiday or for a special occasion
  • Long term – best alternative to residential care
  • Couples live-in care – living life together for longer
  • Palliative care – home sweet home rather than a hospice

We can support with the following types of live-in care

  • Convalescence care – recuperation post operation
  • Respite care – providing a break for a family carer
    Short term – on holiday or for a special occasion
  • Long term – best alternative to residential care
  • Couples live-in care – living life together for longer
  • Palliative care – home sweet home rather than a hospice

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3. Care begins

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Specialist Care

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