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Specialist Care

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Guardian Angel Carers Chichester offers a range of specialist care services, ensuring that every local family and individual has the right to remain safe, comfy and independent in their home while having the professional, compassionate support they need to stay well. Our specialist CareAngels provide flexible assistance for people with progressive and ongoing conditions, recovering from surgery or a hospital stay, or requiring long-term help in and around their homes.

We focus on person-first care and exceptional quality standards, providing assistance with everything from live in care,  personal care to shopping, domestic chores and medications – whether you need light-touch help with routines and rehabilitation or would like a friendly carer to remain with you for much of the time, able to offer emotional support and assistance on-demand.

Specialist Chichester Home Care Services

Mobility & Frailty

Limited mobility and frailty can make everyday tasks such as climbing stairs or visiting the shops daunting and physically challenging. Our sensitive home carers ensure you remain active and healthy with practical help to complete all your routines.

Stroke Rehabilitation

Recovering from a stroke takes time, and many people feel worried about how they will cope. Specialist home care support can improve your prospects of a full recovery, ensuring you have support and kindness every step of the way.


Experienced Parkinson’s carers can assist at any point from initial diagnosis through to progression of the disease. We adapt our condition-led care to your wishes and requirements, helping with mobility, movement, meals and medications as needed.

Cancer Care

The emotional impacts of cancer can be as great as the physical effects of treatments. A home carer can offer support and comfort, ensuring you have reassurance and help with attending appointments and all the aspects of day-to-day life.

Diabetes Care

Careful management is vital to keeping diabetes well controlled, with care tasks often including meal preparation, help with physical movement, regular blood sugar testing and reminders to take medications and manage stress.

Palliative Care

Most people approaching the end of life prefer to remain at home, where gentle home care support can make a huge difference to the individual and their loved ones, helping with everything from household chores to pain management.

Dementia & Alzheimers

Familiarity and continuity are important aspects of caring for a person with dementia or Alzheimer’s. Our highly trained carers are experts in dementia care, ensuring you are safe and supported and can enjoy your favourite hobbies and pastimes.

Home from Hospital

Being discharged from the hospital after surgery or an extended stay can be a worrying time, where returning home before having fully recovered presents physical and emotional challenges. Home care offers all the help you need to relax and recuperate.

Respite Care

Families and partners benefit greatly from respite care, where a specialist carer will follow the same routines and schedules, while giving caregivers a much-needed break to recharge their batteries and take some time away from their caring responsibilities.

Acquired Brain Injury

Brain injuries after an illness or accident can cause varied impairments to speech, movement and eating. Home care includes support to relearn these skills, while having personalised help with tasks like dressing and bathing and any other areas as needed.

Joint Replacement

Surgeries to replace joints like the knee or hip often go smoothly but require ongoing recovery. Many people find that respectful home care helps, giving them the confidence to move through rehabilitation exercises, knowing that assistance is always on hand.

Multiple Sclerosis

Specialist home care designed for people with multiple sclerosis is individual and might involve help with home adjustments, promoting an active and healthy lifestyle, or overseeing medications and healthcare appointments over the long term.

Why Guardian Angel Carers Chichester?

Personalised, Professional Home Care Needs Assessments

Our Outstanding Chichester home care team has years of expertise, and provides complimentary, obligation-free care needs appraisals to ensure we deliver bespoke and relevant advice and guidance to help with informed decision making around home care services.

Comprehensive Specialist Care Throughout Chichester

Based in the heart of Chichester, our CareAngels provide visiting, overnight, and live-in care across the region. Prospective care recipients and families are welcome to meet our care managers in person for an informal chat about how we can help.

Hand-Selected, Highly Qualified Home Care Teams

Each CareAngel in our Chichester specialist home care team is specifically recruited for their empathy, warmth, kindness, and professional skills, recognising the compassion and respect they provide to people and families throughout West Sussex.

Familiar, Reliable and Effective Home Care

We deliver care services that you, and your family can depend on to meet your needs, with regular visiting care schedules and the freedom to specify the times, duration and tasks covered in every care visit.

Family-Feel Emotional, Healthcare and Practical Support

Specialist home care is important for people at risk of isolation, living with health concerns and anxiety, and those who need practical help around the home. Our holistic home care services cover any and all requirements, customised to your wishes.

Independence and Control Over Your Home Care Services

Whether you need short-term specialist home care following an injury or accident, need regular respite care or long-term assistance with your health, we listen to your requirements, respect your independence and adjust our care as needed.

Adaptable Home Care for Ongoing or Progressive Conditions

Many specialist care recipients have incurable, neurological or progressive health conditions. We regularly review your care needs and our care planning to ensure these align and are updated periodically to protect your welfare.

Warm, Friendly Support in the Comfort of Your home

Living comfortably at home is often preferable to transitioning into a residential care home or nursing centre. We appreciate the value that home comforts offer and aim to provide the right support at the right time from the right carer.

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3. Care begins

Once help or care is in place we will continually monitor and review this situation to make sure you are receiving the care you need.


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