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Advice and Guidance on Establishing an Outstanding Home Care Franchise

Investing in your very own outstanding home care franchise is a hugely exciting opportunity, whether you have professional care sector experience, are a passionate entrepreneur, or recognise the rapidly growing demand for quality, reliable home care services within your local area.

We often meet with prospective franchisees interested in how a home care franchise works – in terms of financing, support, regulatory compliance and the practicalities of building a new business on an established foundation.

This short guide from the Guardian Angel Carers HQ team answers some of the frequently asked questions, while drawing on the experiences of our current franchise owners across our UK territories.

What Are the Costs of Setting Up an Outstanding Home Care Franchise?

We award home care franchise opportunities to those who share our values, enthusiasm and commitment to excellence.

While, like any company, a home care business should be profitable and with strong potential for success, care is also about people, relationships, compassion and empathy; these are the things that matter most when deciding whether to award an applicant with their requested franchise territory.

Our franchise owners invest varied amounts depending on multiple factors such as the location, care services provided and the level of assistance needed. and we are always happy to have a chat about any territories you may be interested in to provide further information.

Looking deeper into the finances, and the fact that care is a designated top five area of growth within the UK, highlights the extent of the business opportunity.

  • Individual territories return, on average, an operating profit of 15% to 20% within the first three years.
  • Some of our franchisees have far exceeded those averages, with superb returns on investment within just the first two years.
  • Other franchise owners have surpassed their targeted revenues several times over, supporting faster, and more diverse expansion of their home care businesses.

Many franchisees seek our advice around funding support to assist with start-up costs, also known as seed financing in the banking world. The considerable demand for high-quality care services, and the ageing population in the UK makes home care a desirable area for investment and financing, with very few issues securing competitive support.

Guardian Angel Carers is a well-established, reputable brand, with an excellent relationship with HSBC among other leading banks, making the financing process more streamlined.

How Does a Home Care Franchise Differ From an Independent Business?

The most significant difference between investing in your own home care business and setting up a company individually is that we offer a comprehensive array of support, guidance and mentoring to help along the way – based on our years of expertise, and the proven success of our market-leading – outstanding home care franchise model. Business coaching is invaluable, whether you’ve run multiple enterprises before, or are starting out on your first ever foray into the world of entrepreneurship.

When we award a franchise, we are entering into a long-term partnership with that franchisee and do everything possible to help you become established before scaling your business – and reaping the rewards.

Our specialist support teams cover a broad range of talents, experiences and knowledge, and walk with you each step, including:

  • Formulating a tailored business plan.
  • Advertising recruitment drives to attract the best local carers.
  • Training around financial controls and record-keeping systems.
  • Help with implementing best practice HR and staff training.
  • Support with understanding compliance with care sector regulations.
  • Getting ahead with professional marketing strategies.

Guardian Angel Carers is known as one of the top home care services to work for, and every franchisee adopts our award-winning approach, focusing on staff retention and rewards, recognition for those who go above and beyond, outstanding care quality and compassion for service clients, and building a business that the entire workforce is proud to be a part of.

Alongside all of this initial and ongoing guidance, we also provide excellent benefits for franchisees who leverage our purchasing power as a nationwide home care provider, achieving added value and economies of scale.

What Are the Benefits of Being a Franchise owner?

In addition to the fantastic returns and profitability we have mentioned, one of the most common rewards mentioned by franchisees is knowing they are making a positive, meaningful impact on the lives of their clients in the local community.

Many care franchise owners focus on care for older people and elderly service users that need companionship care, forming strong bonds with the families they support, and the children organising care for their much-loved parents or grandparents.

Franchise partners also love running an outstanding home care franchise business that empowers people to remain comfortable in their own homes, living with independence and dignity.

With the right support, the backing of a well-known home care brand, and all the advantages available to care franchise business owners supported by an expert team in all things home care, franchisees also benefit from excellent returns on their investments, rapid growth in a sector that is scaling at an unprecedented velocity, and the security of having financial stability and a profitable business.

There has never been a better time to take the first step and join our network with an ever-expanding list of the latest franchise opportunities available on request – we are confident it will be the best decision you could make!

What Makes a Guardian Angel Carers Home Care Franchise Such a Great Opportunity?

Our business, and all our franchise partners, share a mission to transform UK home care into a service that is fully person-first, advancing the next generation of care standards and out-performing almost every other industry in pace of growth.

The challenges within the care industry are widely publicised, primarily related to recruitment and retention, but are easily overcome with a talented management team, a family-feel ethos and workplace culture, and ensuring that every franchisee is warmly welcomed should they need support.

With a tried and tested training approach, and a solid position at the fore of this growing industry, our care home franchises rely on a model that we know works – because we have done it before, and so can you.

For more information about available domiciliary care franchise opportunities, our Guardian Angel Carers website provides a wealth of additional insights, and resources.