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Nationwide Franchise Opportunities in Home Care Services – How to Upgrade Your Care Career

This year saw a significant rise in the number of new businesses launched by UK entrepreneurs, with over 778,000 newly incorporated companies. However, the challenge for many new business owners is that 20% fail within the first year and roughly 60% in the first three years, highlighting the importance of knowledge and support to get even the most ambitious projects off the ground.

Home care has long been an attractive sector, with unprecedented demand for private services throughout British communities.

Named the fastest-growing business sector in 2023, outpacing property, technical industries and entertainment, it presents an appealing opportunity for business people keen not just to establish a sustainable and successful company but also looking for business ideas that are rewarding, meaningful and valued.

The answer to meeting this enormous demand and avoiding the roadblocks that so many new companies face is often to consider a franchise business, blending established branding and networks with the independence of business ownership.

The Guardian Angel Carers Franchise Business Model Explained

Guardian Angel Carers first launched in 2012, based in Chichester and founded by Christina Handasyde Dick, a former Olympic sailor with a vision of compassionate, forward-thinking and professional care to fill the demand for capable care to enable people and families to remain in their homes.

Our CEO and MBE created the nationwide franchise opportunity business model to build on the success of the business, which grew rapidly in reputation, services and workforce. Within two years, the company had increased to a team of 25, with a clear need to provide the same levels of support to many other communities.

The business expanded naturally, while retaining a strong focus on values, and began welcoming franchisees with a compatible passion for quality care. Today, there are no less than 16 separate franchise territories, and many ongoing discussions about the business opportunities and demand for home care in other available territories</a.

This growth may in itself be remarkable in the space of 11 years, but it represents the value of the franchise approach and how this allows home care business owners to recognise their ambitions and introduce services that are both profitable and much needed within their local areas.

A franchisee can make decisions about all the essential aspects of running a company, from selecting candidates to fill vacancies and appointing care coordinators. However, the backing of an established and experienced management team, offering assistance around marketing, recruitment, regulatory compliance and management, is invaluable.

How Does a Home Care Services Franchise Work?

Each franchise owner engages initially with the Guardian Angel Carers leadership team, led by Christina and with a specialist franchise team, including Laura Harvey-Smith, Franchise Director, and Vikki Craig-Vickers, Managing Director of Franchise.

We discuss their aspirations, the demand for home care services in their area, and our values-based approach to ensure there is a path forward for a successful partnership.

There are numerous compelling reasons to consider a franchise over a standalone business, including:

  •   Lower initial investment costs.
  •   Access to established branding and marketing.
  •   Resources to assist with training and staff recruitment.
  •   Business control yet with mitigated risk.

Our home care industry experts help at every step of the way, addressing challenges and explaining the established framework on which our home care business is built. We have first-hand experience in achieving Outstanding regulatory ratings and ensuring each home care business is equally rewarding and financially viable.

Franchise owners aren’t beginning from scratch but have a proven strategy for growth and success through an established brand, adopting a proven business model and approach that has been tested in real-world settings, and harnessing innovation and technological home care assets to improve care quality, client satisfaction and staff retention.

While the level and speed of success are entirely dependent on the individual business owner, many franchisees achieve beyond their initial financial projections and see revenues grow significantly as their territory becomes established.

Why Choose a Nationwide Franchise Opportunity in Home Care?

There is no doubt that home care is a resilient and high-growth sector while being safeguarded from external factors such as recession and inflation that impact alternative industries – home care is always in demand.

This is down to varying factors, where more people wish to remain in their homes in later life, are aware of alternatives to residential care, or want to find alternative routes to provide the assistance they require without being exposed to long waiting lists, means testing or limitations in the types of care they can access.

Statistics show that there is little prospect of the growth in home care services slowing, with the Office of National Statistics predicting that almost a quarter of the entire British population will be at or above 65 by 2042 – representing the largest demographic that requires home care to help manage frailty, older age or health conditions.

Home care services can be customised to demand within the franchise area, such as prioritising specialist or overnight care, sensitive care support for individuals living with dementia and Alzheimer’s, or companionship care to combat loneliness and feelings of isolation in those living alone.

By 2040, experts anticipate that over 1.2 million people will require care and support at home, demonstrating the scale of demand and the opportunity for new franchisees keen to make a difference in their communities while enjoying the independence of direct business ownership.

Many of our franchise owners are former carers or healthcare professionals or have experience supporting families and can transform that skill set into a successful, stable, and rewarding business.

However, you do not necessarily need to be a qualified carer to become a franchise business owner, and anybody with the vision, focus and enthusiasm to lead a home care business and draw on the wealth of resources and expertise our franchise team provides has all the tools they need to succeed in their own business.

Should you be interested in learning more about working with Guardian Angel Carers or exploring the Nationwide franchise opportunities currently open to applicants and ongoing support, please get in touch or review our Franchise Opportunity pages for additional information.