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Choosing Home Care Jobs With the Best Career Opportunities

Home care is a sector in huge demand, as more and more people choose to live independently in their own homes as an alternative to residential care, maintaining freedom around the way they live, the familiarity of home and routine, and without needing to consider selling a family property or parting ways with pets and friendship groups in the community.

Working within home care is rewarding and offers ample opportunities to progress, whether you have existing care qualifications or want a stable, secure, long-term job in care with fantastic career prospects.

Here the Guardian Angel Carers team summarises some of the many care jobs open to candidates across our UK territories, explains the skills and certifications you may need, and discusses the pay rates and reward packages we offer our amazing and passionate CareAngels.

Finding the Right Home Care Jobs for Your Skills and Experience

The best roles within home care combine formal training, competitive rates of pay, the flexibility to work around your commitments, and excellent working conditions, with mentoring, support and guidance to help you expand your knowledge and pursue your chosen career progression route.

Carers tend to begin their careers in a junior role, such as training on the job to become a Care Assistant. However, if you have already worked in home care or a related field, you may be in a great position to apply for a more senior care vacancy.

One of our key priorities is professional development, where we want every carer to be recognised and rewarded for the value they bring to somebody else’s life every time they visit our service users, provide companionship, or deliver personal care with dignity, respect and compassion.

We advise anybody considering a career within care to research care agencies and providers via the Care Quality Commission or the equivalent regulatory body in Scotland or Wales to assess whether standards are high across the organisation.

Types of Vacancies Within Professional Home Care

Care is a diverse sector, with roles that offer flexible working patterns and involve different types of care services that could be based on visiting care or at one location. The day-to-day tasks a carer carries out are also variable depending on the needs and wishes of the families and people they support.

Below, we’ve run through a few example care jobs to explain what these may involve.

Working as a Home Care Assistant

Home Care Assistants normally visit each person in their home at a set time and day and for a specified period. Tasks may involve personal care, such as help with washing and dressing, and domestic care, assisting with chores and household duties like cleaning and cooking.

We can often consider applicants for Home Care Assistant roles without prior experience and offer all carers a funded Care Certificate during their induction, ensuring each care worker has the training required.

New carers are typically assigned a colleague to work with initially, learning as they go and adding value to their experience by partnering with a highly skilled carer who can share advice, tips and guidance.

Working as a Live In Carer

Live in care is a service whereby a carer, or a care team, coordinates their schedules to offer more dedicated support on an ongoing basis for a person or family. A carer will usually sleep in a private, allocated room within the home and work with built-in rest breaks and downtime to ensure they are properly supported.

Many people choose live in care to balance the needs of a loved one who may require assistance multiple times per day and for whom visiting care would not be sufficient to keep them comfortable, safe, happy and relaxed within their home.

Tasks may include morning and evening routines, medication reminders, and helping a service user attend social activities or enjoy hobbies.

Working as an Overnight Carer

Live in and overnight care are different ways to structure professional home care. Generally, an overnight carer works a waking night shift. However, some overnight care roles are sleeping positions – where the carer is on hand to help, reassure or call for medical assistance in an emergency.

The qualifications and skills needed to work as a live in or overnight carer are necessarily higher than for a visiting carer. Care professionals require the ability to make independent decisions about the best care for their client and need to be able to cope with a range of tasks or duties tailored to the needs of the individual.

Working Hours and Shift Patterns for Home Carers

Most jobs within home care can be either full-time or part-time and structured around pre-agreed shift patterns or regular working hours. Alternatively, some carers prefer to work on a more ad hoc basis or provide additional hours when covering colleagues on leave.

Whether you’d like to work one or two days per week, find a long-term placement with one individual, or explore other options to ensure your care work is adapted to suit your availability and obligations, our recruitment team can provide further information.

Pay Rates and Benefits Packages for Home Care Vacancies

The pay you can expect will depend on the type of role you apply for. All Guardian Angel Carers home care jobs with any of our territories across the UK offer excellent pay rates above the minimum wage, accompanied by an outstanding reward system, which may include:

  • Paid mileage for visiting care roles.
  • On-the-job training and support working towards a formal qualification.
  • Bonus and referral schemes.
  • Career progression opportunities and encouragement.
  • Flexible hours to adapt your home care role to your lifestyle and other commitments.

Whether you are beginning your journey along the care ladder and wish to train as a Home Care Assistant, are looking for better-paid home care work with an outstanding independent agency or are interested in seeing how your transferable skills would slot into the home care environment, you are welcome to contact us at any time.

Alternatively, you can browse all the home care jobs available at the moment through our careers portal, with the pay, working hours and skills requirements detailed within the job specification.