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Arranging Professional Care at Home for Couples

While we often think about home care as a one-to-one service, there are many scenarios where families, partners and couples require practical and emotional support to remain safe, well and independent in their own homes.

Couples care is one such instance where one or both people have limited mobility, a health condition or frailty that means they need reliable, compassionate assistance with their day-to-day routines. If a loved one is unable to manage the physical aspects of handling the care needs of a partner, this can be hugely upsetting and mean they are unsure where to turn for help.

The prospect of moving into a residential care home away from familiar surroundings and a life partner can be overwhelming, including for the person who may be left alone at home. Private home care is an adaptable, entirely personalised solution, allowing couples to remain by their partner’s side and continue living together on their terms.

Common Reasons to Seek Home Care for Couples

There is no one-size-fits-all care routine that will be perfect for every family, and one of the first things any care coordinator at any of our nationwide franchises will do is sit down with you and discuss your requirements – and what the ideal care arrangements would look like for you.

There are numerous circumstances where couples require cost-effective private home care services, perhaps because:

  • One partner requires home care in later life, and their partner is not able to cover the full scope of their needs or finds that the responsibility and pressure are too much to manage alone.
  • A loved one has more complex needs or physical disabilities and requires regular care with medication reminders, personal care, or help getting out and about.
  • The couple does not wish to provide personal care for one another and would prefer a qualified care professional to assist with sensitive tasks such as washing, bathing, dressing and grooming.
  • Both partners have limitations on the chores they can manage independently yet wish to remain together and comfortable in their home.
  • One partner requires dementia care< or support with conditions such as Alzheimer’s. Even if their loved one can provide for their care needs, they may benefit from companionship from a familiar, warm and friendly carer. We recognise how challenging it can be for a partner to see their loved one experience health or cognitive decline and the value of emotional support alongside practical assistance.

Couples also seek home care where they have some help from family members, perhaps with light housework, but would like the assurance and peace of mind that a fully trained carer is on hand when needed. The right options are wholly based on your wishes and structured with respect to ensuring a couple retains privacy and time alone together.

Types of Home Care Support Available for Partners and Families

Many of the couples we support share a lifetime of memories and experiences, and a separation where one couple may require nursing care would be substantially detrimental to their emotional well-being. This makes having the option of continuing to live an independent life and staying together crucial to their happiness and contentment.

Guardian Angel Carers supports spouses, life partners and couples across the UK, offering a comprehensive range of care services. Home care may be an affordable alternative to residential care, particularly if both partners would otherwise need to consider a nursing home placement, with help including:

  • Personal care – trained carers can help with washing, bathing, grooming and following a comfortable routine.
  • Mobility support – assistance attending events, activities and hobbies or moving around your home.
  • Help with medication reminders – timely prompts and help with tracking prescribed medications and dosages, recording all medications within your care plan.
  • Meal preparation – helping with cooking, dietary requirements, grocery shopping and meals, or light touch support if you love to cook and need an extra pair of hands in the kitchen.
  • Domiciliary care – carers can manage any chores or daily tasks you find difficult, from dishes to laundry, dusting to vacuuming and pet care.

Unlike local authority care providers, we base our care on your needs without ongoing assessments or means testing. Our dedicated care coordinators can often respond quickly to make all the arrangements to adapt to changing requirements.

The benefit of employing private carers through a well-established, regulated and trusted home care agency is that your care can be adjusted should you need increased hourly care visits per week, wish to transition to full-time live-in care, or need specialist care support.

Specialist and Live-in Home Care for Couples

The support you need in your own home may vary depending on your health, well-being, ability to provide personal care for a partner or spouse, and the daily tasks you’d like your care provider to help with.

As one of the UK’s leading home care providers, we can extend your home care to include live-in care, where you have a dedicated live-in care professional working a structured routine that all parties are happy with and that meets your care needs.

Live-in care ensures that you have the right person to support you day or night – a trained carer will normally have an allocated private space within your home for rest and sleep and deliver one-to-one care or assist both partners as and when required.

The advantages of live-in care echo those of other private home care services, with tailored, family-feel care designed around your needs. Live-in carers are carefully selected to ensure your care professional has an approach that aligns with your care needs and can manage everything from domiciliary care duties to specialist support for couples living with more complex medical conditions.

If you are still determining whether you or your family members would most benefit from live-in care, overnight care support, visiting home care services or any other type of care, you are welcome to get in touch at any time.

The Guardian Angel Carers territories around the UK have carers working throughout local communities and are proud to offer exceptional quality care, adhering to best practice standards and a focus on values and person-first care for every client, individual, couple and family.