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Why Choose Private Home Care Services for Your Loved One?

Home care services offer every individual and family the opportunity to hand-select the care, visiting hours, support and assistance they receive or organise for a loved one in their own home. The primary benefit of using a private service is that care is available on your terms and can be adapted to meet changing care and support requirements.

We frequently speak with new clients across our UK territories who find waiting times, limited provision and only basic support insufficient to allow them, or their relatives, the freedom to live comfortably, safely and independently in the familiarity of their own home.

Working with a local domiciliary care team can either be a standalone service, supplement care provided by local authority teams or provide respite care for family caregivers. It offers the assurance that every carer who visits a parent, grandparent, loved one or yourself is fully qualified and delivers care with patience, kindness and compassion.

Private vs Local Authority Home Care

Shortages in local authority home care are well known, and families turn to private care providers when they either cannot wait for a care needs assessment, need urgent in-home support, or want autonomy over choosing the care professionals and care and support services they consider a priority.

Private care is often self-funded, but there are financial support initiatives available. It is also important to clarify that home care provided by a local council is not necessarily free of charge and is often means-tested through financial assessment, which means that joining lengthy waiting lists will not always result in cost-free home care being offered.

The assumption that privately scheduled home care is prohibitively expensive is also often incorrect, and specialist carers are flexible. They can enhance the care provided according to your needs, in some cases augmenting local authority care – whether free or charged-for, which could include:

  • Additional private care visits on days when a local authority carer is unavailable.
  • Booking overnight care or visiting care as wrap-around care alongside regular care workers visits.
  • Using a private home care provider to manage personal care and offer companionship care when family members need a break or will benefit from respite care.
  • Accessing specialist complex health care for individuals with conditions such as dementia or to help with home from hospital care, recovery from stroke rehabilitation.

Meeting in person with a local domiciliary care team is a fantastic way to learn more, assess the services offered, and gain confidence that the carer workers sent to assist and support you or your loved one uphold high-quality standards and deliver assistance with respect and dignity.

Benefits of Choosing Private Home Care

One of the most significant contrasts in primary home care is choice. Every Guardian Angel Carers team works to listen to your needs and be responsive, whether you’d like guidance about choosing between live-in care and overnight care or wish to request specific assistance between a set number of hours or days per week.

Private agencies are regulated, professional organisations that provide specialist support and exist for the benefit of their clients and communities and offer outstanding care services for those in their own home, including:

  • Truly personalised care, often one-on-one and adjusted to however your care plan and delivery would best suit your needs, physical and emotional well-being and practical assistance requirements.
  • Familiarity and routine with a friendly face, with one carer or a regular roster of carers ensuring your wishes are recorded, respected and communicated.
  • Blended care as necessary, with options such as companionship care, personal care or more specialist care – you can request periodic visits from a specialist carer for your individual needs alongside personal care to help with preparing meals, house cleaning, socialising, dressing, bathing and caring for your pets.
  • Long-term companionship and relationships, helping clients get to know their carers and vice versa to ensure they are relaxed, comfortable and well-loved in their homes.

As a private home care agency, we also prioritise family engagement and invest time in liaising with loved ones, discussing care schedules, and ensuring that our services remain suitable.

Booking Private Home Care 

Guardian Angel Carers appreciates that choosing a private home care service can be difficult, and our well-established and experienced teams do everything possible to provide information, guidance and advice to make the process streamlined and stress-free.

If you are keen to book private home care for the first time, our CareAngels ten commandments provide an insight into what you should expect, whether you’re organising care for yourself or a family member:

  1. Commitment: we adhere to a strong focus on quality care, and all our branches are engaged in meeting our culture of inclusion, respect and person-first care.
  2. Ownership: every branch is locally managed, and we take responsibility for everything we do, fostering a passion for excellence both as professional carers and as members of our communities.
  3. Integrity: offering care for clients in their homes is a position of trust, and we uphold our promises and endeavour to communicate with clarity and respect.
  4. Excellence: Guardian Angel Carers strives to exceed our own rigorous standards to ensure every private home care client receives a superb service that surpasses their expectations.
  5. Education: our CareAngels and all support colleagues follow ongoing progressions to learn and develop our skills, knowledge and understanding.
  6. Balance: we believe that a good balance for our clients and carers is essential, and we place equal importance on family, mental and spiritual well-being and practical home care support.
  7. Systems: pre-defined systems and processes enhance safety and quality, and we adopt established and proven methodologies to further augment our care.
  8. Compassion: every client receiving any care is entitled to be treated with kindness and empathy and to be listened to and heard so their needs are respected and protected.
  9. Friendly and Approachable: we steer clear of complex jargon and use straightforward, warm and accessible language to ensure clients, colleagues, and families are fully up to date.
  10. Gratitude: we are always grateful to every individual and family who chooses Guardian Angel Carers and appreciate the value we can offer our CareAngels, colleagues and the clients we support.

If you would like to discuss options around private home care services or explore the specialist care such as live in care and dementia care available in your area, please contact Guardian Angel Carers, or browse our service locations to get in touch with the team closest to you for further information.