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Why Families Opting for Franchised Home Care Reap the Rewards

Home care is one of the highest-demand services across the UK care industry, for good reason. Many families and individuals value their independence and do not want to leave their homes in favour of a residential care setting – but require assistance, companionship and personal care to remain safe, well and comfortable.

We regularly support loved ones keen to put the right care in place as quickly as possible but confused about the types of care available and how they can meet the needs of their relatives or loved ones while being respectful of their preferences and personality.

Our home care franchise business model has proven to be successful, not solely in terms of offering business opportunities for passionate franchise applicants but also in the way that expertise, talent, and mentoring, coupled with a local home care focus, delivers high-quality, person-first care.

What Is a Home Care Franchise?

In short, a franchise structure means that each territory within our rapidly expanding group is individually owned and managed by the local owner. Ownership always follows an in-depth application process where we ensure every franchisee shares our values, approach and commitment to exceptional home care. 

Guardian Angel Carers has a head office in Chichester, where our highly experienced home care specialists and franchise leaders are based.

New franchise partners build their business on our established brand with a comprehensive array of training, guidance and ongoing support. That means we assist with everything from setting up finance and HR processes, recruiting high-quality carers and managers, marketing the services on offer and launching a new home care provision.

Franchise owners make decisions about their own territory but draw on expertise from across our team, with a peer support network that ensures all franchise partners throughout the Guardian Angel Carers group scale and innovate as quickly as we do.

Why Is Private Home Care from a Local Franchise Beneficial?

Being part of a nationwide group means each franchise owner has access to documented policies, practices and regulatory compliance protocols, drawing on the decades of experience shared by our senior leadership teams.

These resources are incredibly valuable and help every home care service to introduce advanced care assessment processes, sector-leading home care technology and award-winning recruitment and retention practices to attract skilled home care workers and coordinators within their local community.

The differentiating factor between a commercial home care group that owns multiple branches, and a franchise model is that while each franchise partner has access to a broad range of knowledge, they also have autonomy over how they run their home care business.

As a local family, an individual requiring sensitive home care, or a couple looking for private care in the comfort of your own home, that locally based ownership means:

  •   Home care services are structured around the needs of the community. One franchise owner might, for example, introduce a larger capacity for overnight care and live in care where there is demand for this level of support.
  •   Each home care owner is fully engaged in the success of their business and works diligently to deliver outstanding care to ensure they have the best possible opportunities to build a reputation for high-quality care support.
  •   The CareAngels who visit your home or that of your loved one are all local. Whether you’d like help with shopping trips or social occasions, attending clubs and activities, or seasonal events in your town or city, your carer can assist—and will happily share snippets of exciting news relevant to your community.

We feel that local support provides our clients and service users with fantastic, professional home care assistance while embodying our focus on family-feel care – where every carer is someone you know, trust and are comfortable having in your home. 

What Services Does a Home Care Franchise Business Offer?

Each Guardian Angel Carers franchise offers compassionate care that helps individuals and families remain independent at home. The types of home care offered may depend on the community’s greatest needs and gaps in local authority home care. 

All branches provide domiciliary care support for older adults in their areas, with increasing demand for help around the home, personal care and gentle, practical assistance due to our ageing population. 

Carers provide tailored help with everyday tasks, including medication reminders, general housekeeping and pet care, support with preparing fresh meals or getting out and about, and visiting care to suit the schedule and routine of the individual. 

However, clients are not always elderly, and some home care franchises offer condition-specific health care support, respite care to allow family caregivers to take a well-deserved break, and supplementary care to cover areas where services available through the council do not meet all day-to-day needs. 

Specialist care support can vary from palliative and end-of-life care to rehabilitation support, home from hospital help as a person recovers and makes adaptations to their home, and overnight or live-in care as required.

Potential clients are welcome to browse the full details of the home care services offered by each franchise throughout our network or to contact the local team or Registered Manager to discuss their or their loved one’s specific requirements.

Finding Home Care Support Through Your Local Franchise

Each of our franchises hold independent CQC registration, in line with care sector regulatory requirements, and operates with financial stability to ensure you have the confidence that your home care services will offer continuity.

If you are looking for professional, private home care for yourself or a loved one, you can review our local franchises and information about the care support provided through our detailed location pages, including direct contact details for your nearest care coordinators.

Alternatively, to discover more about home care franchise opportunities available through Guardian Angel Carers, you can get in touch with our franchise team or review the territories currently on offer.